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Trailblazers Training for Recreation Programs

AboutFace offers training focused on working with and supporting children and youth with a facial difference to recreation programs across Canada. Recreation programs that receive the training become “Trailblazers Trained” and are encouraged to add facial differences to their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies and procedures.


About the Training Program


The Trailblazers Training program focuses on creating inclusive communities for children and youth with a facial difference. The training covers topics such as:  

  • Introduction to facial differences 
  • Working with children and youth with a facial difference and considerations
  • Inclusive programming and trauma-informed practice

Trailblazers Training benefits recreation programs of all kinds that are looking to ensure welcoming, inclusive spaces. Instructors and coaches working with children and youth, program coordinators and directors, and parents are encouraged to fill in the form below to set-up a training session.

For any questions that you may have, please contact Adriana, Program Manager, Children, Youth, and Families at 

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