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Facial Difference in the Workplace


Recent AboutFace research revealed that about 3 in 5 people with a facial difference reported being negatively impacted at work or within the context of work due to their facial difference.

Some of the most common types of impacts our research findings show include:

  • Staring or gaping from co-workers (51%)
  • Uncomfortable or difficult experiences during recruiting (50%)
  • Lack of opportunities or career progression (43%)
  • Bullying or harassment (36%)
  • Erasure – denial of facial difference or impact of it (35%)
  • Feeling unseen/unheard (31%).

Concerningly, only 30% of respondents in our recent AboutFace survey noted that their workplace clearly included facial differences in their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies. This reporting reveals a significant gap in protections for people with a facial difference in the workplace.

More than two million people in Canada have a facial difference, and support, resources, and policies in the workplace to protect facial difference community members from mistreatment are significantly lacking. The My Difference Should Make No Difference campaign will raise awareness to ensure people in the facial difference community have every opportunity to thrive professionally in inclusive and supportive workplaces, free from discrimination and barriers.

The campaign is supplemented by resources and webinars for HR professionals and employers to help build inclusive workplaces for people with a facial difference.

AboutFace is here to help! Contact Namrit Sidhu, Manager of Peer & Community Support, to connect about facial difference awareness training or presentations for your workplace: or 416-597-2229 x21.

*The AboutFace Survey was conducted by Prairie Research Associates (PRA) in 2022.

Build Inclusive Workspaces

Stories of impact from the facial difference community. Follow this link to hear from community members about what you can do to build an inclusive, supportive workplace.

How can you build an inclusive workplace? How can you recognize facial differences in the workplace? Follow this link to find resources focused on HR and recruitment best practices, driven by community feedback and input from HR professionals.

Alim Somji and Karen Hyndman share their stories and provide guidance and advice on what they feel will help create workplaces that are diverse and welcoming for facial difference community members. Follow this link to our YouTube page to watch the videos. Videos are available in English (with closed captioning), English with French subtitles, English-described video, and French with subtitles and described video.

Are you a facial difference community member with a workplace story you would like to share? Would you like further information about workplace resources and building inclusive spaces? Contact our team at

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