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Trailblazers Training and Camp Bursary Fund

AboutFace offers training focused on working with and supporting children and youth with a facial difference to camps across Canada. The Camp Bursary Fund provides bursaries for children and youth to attend Trailblazers Approved Camps.


Camps that receive training will be “Trailblazers Approved”, indicating they are inclusive spaces for the facial difference community and eligible for bursary support from AboutFace.

The training covers topics such as:  

  • Introduction to facial differences 
  • Working with children and youth with a facial difference 
  • Inclusive programming and trauma-informed practice

Camps that have partnered with AboutFace for this unique training include:

  • Camp Maple Leaf, Ontario

July 28th to August 2nd.

Siblings of campers are welcome at Camp Maple Leaf, however, the bursary is only available for the child that has a facial difference. 

Register at this link.

  • Camp Manitou, Manitoba  

Day camp. Campers can choose either July 2-5 OR August 12-16. The bursary is only available for one week of camp. 

Register at this link.

  • Brigadoon Village, Nova Scotia    

July 7th to 12th

Register at this link

  • Easter Seals Camp Horizon, Alberta   

August 19th to 23rd

Register at this link. Please use the discount code TRBLCamper2024 upon registering for camp. 

For any questions that you may have, please contact Adriana, Program Manager, Children, Youth, and Families at 


“I wanted you to know how truly grateful we are that Samantha had this opportunity to go to Camp Trailblazers at Brigadoon Village. She was full of excitement and stories upon pickup, and I don’t think she stopped talking the entire trip home! It was such a boost for her self-esteem, and she came away feeling so confident in herself. It was great for her to be in such an inclusive, supportive environment, and she made lots of friends. We are so thankful for the bursary! It was very much appreciated!”

  • Sharlene
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