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Stories From Our Community



Meet Colleen:

Accomplished professional. Experienced social worker. Fierce roller derby competitor. Proud puppy parent. Compassionate advocate.

“From a young age, we’re taught to fear people who look different from us. The bad guy in childhood storybooks and movies often has a scar or some kind of physical difference.

“No one wants to admit that we judge people based on their appearance, but we all do it. It’s a societal problem—and it’s everyone’s responsibility to build a more equal society. We need to start by unlearning what we’ve been taught so we can work together to eliminate barriers.

To me, success is every equity committee across Canada including facial difference in conversations about diversity and inclusion.”

More than two million people in Canada are living with a facial difference. Let’s all do our part to create safe, inclusive spaces for everyone.

Learn more. Speak up. Be an ally, in the workplace and in the community.

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