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I was born with Crouzon Syndrome.  Throughout my entire life, I have been treated differently because of the way I look. People think that because I look different, I am different from everyone else, but that’s not entirely true. I have the same goals, the same dreams, and the same insecurities as anyone else in this world.

There were times that growing up with a facial difference was tough. I wanted to give up on achieving my dreams, and there were days when I felt like I wasn’t beautiful. I felt like this because people in society treated me differently. They would call me names or would tell me that I wasn’t allowed to be their friend because of the way I looked. In a way, my facial difference created a barrier between me and society, like a mask that prevented everyone from seeing the real me.

For me, I am beyond thankful that AboutFace exists. They are the positive backbone for people living with facial differences. Without AboutFace, I would not have the support of an organization behind me, helping to ENCOURAGE ME, EMPOWER EVERYONE AND EDUCATE ALL.

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