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Posted: March 02, 2022

Making Faces – New Edition Released!

Logan Bristow Enns is in her thirties, but she vividly remembers the anxiety she felt in the hospital awaiting bone graft surgery at ten years old. Reassuring other children in the same situation is the goal of her children’s book “Making Faces: Logan’s Cleft Lip and Palate Story,” published and launched today as an updated version in English and first edition in French by AboutFace. 

The book, available on our website and in limited print editions, is a step-by-step photo journey of Logan’s treatments and surgeries from birth to age 18. 

First published in 2007, “Making Faces” was co-written by Enns as a teen with her mother Sonja Bristow. Enns now lives in Vancouver with her husband and two children, and runs children’s outdoor early learning programs. 

Enns says “Making Faces” is not intended to be a definitive guide to treatment, as each case of cleft lip and palate and each facial difference is unique. “My hope is that the general experiences and emotions I describe in the book resonate with other children and families.” 

The updated version contains a life update from Enns as well as important new psychosocial resources on self-advocacy, bullying, mental health and more, says Danielle Griffin, the Executive Director of AboutFace. “In the past, children with facial differences have been taught to adapt to society’s expectations. Today, we understand the need to confront systemic barriers and create equal opportunities for the facial difference community. 

Logan’s story supports and educates in an accessible, entertaining way, which is why it’s been so well received by families and medical professionals across Canada,” says Griffin. 

Enns says that the purpose of the book is simple: “I hope it helps children and families feel supported and hopeful about the road ahead.” 

Please click here to read "Making Faces" in English and en Français.

To request a physical copy of "Making Faces", please fill out this form.

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