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Posted: November 12, 2021

AboutFace has started the Transforming Trailblazers Project

As part of our new strategic plan and refreshed direction, AboutFace has started the Transforming Trailblazers Project. 

For many years, parents told us they wished camp programming was available year-round. Importantly, the last 18 months gave us with the opportunity to provide year-round programming through our Trailblazers work online. It has been a big success and we have seen the increased benefits of consistent programming for participants.  

As we move away from our traditional camp-only programs, we will be evolving into permanent year-round hybrid (online and in-person) Trailblazers’ programming. 

The most important part of this project: YOU will get to have a say in the planning process and what Trailblazers looks like in years to come. Be sure to join Trailblazers On The Road sessions in 2022 - we have sessions scheduled for every province and you can help build consistent, year-round programs for kids. 

This transition and consultation process will allow AboutFace and the facial difference community in Canada to create a new model together. We've already started with so much great success - and we can't wait to meet with you to hear your thoughts and share some fun! 

Check out our updated logo for Trailblazers' programming! 

Please click here to access our Trailblazers page for all program details.  



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